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Introduction of Samsung handphone

a) History of Samsung

It started first March 1938, as president of the Samsung Lee Byung-Chull have shops found in Korea, with capital ₩ 30,000. Previously, he was Korean fish, fruits and vegetables from China and Manchuria sell dried.

Origin of the word Samsung, the star of three words ("three stars" is). The growing company, Mr. Lee is a series of machines, improve sales efficiency operations. Until now, Samsung has menjasi global company that offers a variety of brands and products worldwide.

Samsung Electronics is a manufacturer of Samsung mobile phones and other mobile phones. The company is the same with the Samsung company has existed in the 1970s. In the 1970s, a strategy has been found, and Samsung has strengthened its position by investing in the petrochemical industry. In 1974, Samsung has developed the business with the construction of Samsung Shipbuilding Company. Until now, Samsung has participated in the production of electronic and household goods in the industry, the manufacture of electrical connections.

b) Early Mobile Phones Samsung

Samsung has developed various products and services. Samsung recognized as an innovative product, and it was found that the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world. Samsung's telecommunication network business has achieved a remarkable record, even if Samsung Electronic a relationship with other companies in other companies, such as digital media, electrical circuits (Semiconductor) has, LCD and digital perlatan. Samsung has also released perlatan cell layer mobile phone, PDA phone, and innovative devices, mobile terminals, the smart has a broad spectrum. In fact, information about the satellite receiver is an integral part of Samsung's telecommunications network.

Brands of handphone

Brand Cell Phones

On this day, the choice for the consumer's mobile phone has a wide variety of brands. Brands currently on the market, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Blackberry etc.. All brand mobile phone, all the current modernization and sophistication of the latest technology with a variety of products are based on. More and more consumers are getting more intelligent, efficient and mobile devices all the problems of their lives to seek promotion. Now we have all brands of mobile phones will review all the comments on their knowledge.


Nokia's history

There are historical existence of the Nokia phones are the two ratings. Nokia brand is a brand of mobile products, most of the world. This is the first review of Nokia's history is present. Before, the company founded by Nokia, it was just the production of paper. Nokia company in 1871 as an engineer and owner of paper mills in Finland was founded with Frederick Idestam country decided to establish business relations with friends Finnish politics are owned by the Leo Mechelin. This is called the city after the close of the Nokia factory to a new company called Nokia is the Idestam newspaper. Plant electrical system in 1902, quickly accepted the paper is an important business grows.

This is the second of Nokia's history is a review. In 1895, Frederick Idestem timber factory, which is now known as Siemens, the company has been established. The city of the first companies in Tampere, Finland duneseo headquarters is in the southwest. If so, the company moved into the city so that company to use the Nokia River Nokianvirta. This course is considered to have a generator of electricity. The word is derived from the name of Nokia classes.

In addition, the very high frequency radio (FM radio) are two explanations of the creation of. Nokia used in the agricultural sector analysts of the first electronic device is first described. Nokia also a leading company in collaboration with Salora 52 is a high-frequency radio. In addition, Finland's Nokia mobile phone network in the last two available for the first time has released. ARP is the world's most successful one on the phone over the first mobile network.

Described in 1960, a second, commercial wireless technology for the production of Nokia joined forces. In 1964, with the company's Nokia Salora yawa FM - the radio began to write. NMT mobile networks for the two companies have created a standard. Mobira car in 1982, she took the phone weighs 9.8 ㎏ was appointed senator.

Nokia World War I and a financial company in Rome by the Finnish rubber, cloth, shoes and rubber products are manufactured by the store. In 1967, three Finnish Nokia company to create inspiring works, the Nokia Wood Mills and the merger of the Finnish Cable Works. Between 1990 to 1967, rubber boots, tires, paper, personal computers, televisions, bicycles, aluminum, electrical machinery, manufacture of capacitors for a variety of products including a variety of large-scale production company, Nokia, cable operators, are involved.

Nokia 1984 Nokia Salora 52 52 Mobira purchase and the name has a new mobile communications division. At the same time, Nokia has also named its product Mobira Talkman. Mobira Talkman cigarette lighter socket (cigarette lighter to charge through the size of the bag and mobile phone-friendly car) may be provided in each vehicle.

After three years as a hand held releases Mobira Cityman 900 Nokia phones. Cityman weight of a single one is 800g soft phone. Cell phones are sold in large bulk is cheaper. Only the price tag had reached € 4.500. While still expensive, but came up with the success Cityman. In 1989, the Nokia 52 - Mobira Nokia mobile phones changed its name to the very high corporate profitability is a tool.

b) participation in the GSM

In 1988, the Nokia 52 Nokia phones are made Mobira. After three years the introduction, the Global System for Mobile Communications (Global System for Mobile Communications) or the first GSM. In 1992, more communication, the company decided to concentrate on the business model. That same year, Nokia's first GSM mobile phone started as a 1011th Nokia 1994, Nokia announced the melody. The Nokia 2001 mobile phones had increased a hundred times that of a popular classic melodies

Nokia is the world's first satellite in the success of the Nokia 1994 mobile phone was built to make a call to continue. Nokia 1997 classic game Snake on a company and are working. In 1998, Nokia mobile phones have led to a list of all the mobile phone. After one year, the company added that Nokia 7110th of the world's first WAP phone was moved by introducing a step

C) Nokia's success

Nokia mobile phones is one of the best and most innovative in the world.
When Nokia first 3G mobile phone with the company launched in 6650 has demonstrated. Nokia 10000, Nokia 1001, the company had increased a hundred times to sell the unit for up to 10 companies with sales of Nokia Corporation, today the fifth most valuable brand is known. From 1865 until now the target or the cell phone industry, Nokia's success has continued to produce.

Handphone progress in any stage

The development of cells at an early stage

A summary of the phone has changed for many years after the invention that the inventor is required by phone. Some statements on the progress of this medium is as follows: -

1) 1667 - Robert Hooke produce telephone lines that can carry out the wire and the information produced by the method of vibration.

2) 1844 - Innocent Manzetti is the first person to the idea of "speaking telegraph" (telephone) disputes.

3) 1854 - Charles Bourseul had a memorandum on the principles of a phone (Please read the article entitled "Electrical Transmission of the written word," L'Illustration, Paris, August 26, 1854). The same year, Antonio Meucci was a demonstration of its current (voice electrical device) in New York. However, the type of device used is unclear and difficult to explain.

4) 1861 - Philipp Reis was a speech for the first time with the phone.

5) 1872 - Elisha Gray was Western Electric Manufacturing Company was founded.

6) On 1 July 1875 Bell was made possible with the phone support plate (bi-directional''gallow "cell phone) that sound like a voice can be transferred, but the description is not complete. Because the informant and the destination data of the same electromagnetic devices.

7) 1875 - Thomas Edison did some research on Telegraphic Noise / Acoustic (Acoustic telegraphy). In November, he has a dynamic receiver (a receiver electro-dynamic is created), but it does not use it as soon as possible.

8) In the same year 1875, a citizen of Hungary Tivadar Puskás (who is the creator of telephone conversations or by telephone) arrived in the U.S. country.

9) On April 6, 1875, the Bell patent 161,739 wire transfer and acceptance of the electricity used has been recognized patented. Telegraph uses the vibrations at the same time on a high steel with a circuit that can stop you (make-break circuits). He is also on the concept of transmitting and receiving waves of information (the concept of frequency multiplexing).

10) 11, Elisha Gray in February 1876 was celebrated as a transmitter by means of a liquid. This tool is used with the phone, but the device was not built by him.

11) On March 7, 1876, Bell has inventions in patent No. 174,465 was awarded the patent.

12) On March 10, 1876 was to move the Bell "Mr. Watson, please come, I want to see you!" With a transmitter and receiver using electromagnetic fluid.

13) On January 30, 1877, the patented invention to the Bell no. Patent 186, 787 was when the phone a permanent magnet used for electromagnetic steel membrane and Bell receives.

14) On April 27, 1877, Edison filed a patent for the device emitter of carbon (graphite). The issuer does not use. 474,230 patents on May 3, 1892 after 15 years probation by the court and won. At present, graphite is used as a pencil and used in various industries, or to study or work.

15) In 1877, the existing telephone lines to connect remotely.

16) In 1915, the U.S. government as the first country with a representative of long distance phone calls to the AG Bell has received in the City of New York and before that of Thomas Augustus Watson of San Francisco, California.

Trading Tools earlier.

phone use in the early stages of the system in a dynamic transmitter or transmitter that the local use of batteries. In the 20th century, became a regular battery of domination and power of the battery as the phone call (phone) on the same line, the voice of lead in the signal shape. In the late 20th Century, a mobile phone that proves the importance of the internal battery.

The telephone system in the early stages of using a single cable to transmit information and receive information from the audio and is also available in the telegraph system. Dynamics of the first phone to hear an audio channel and the user is often in the same channel.

Firstly, the existence of the phone is not used properly. Indication signal at an early stage is to use primitive methods. But ultimately the consumers know they are in the transmitting system (now known Gang Gang must turn off the phone). Changes in the use of communication, the bell in operation for the first time (with two son), then changed to a thread of the same (with abridged).

In rural areas, the use of mobile phones do not use ordinary batteries, but with generators. Generator must be turned by hand to a high voltage high voltage signals in the shape of the bell to another phone to generate and produce information received from the mobile.

In 1877 and 1878, Edison had invented and developed the carbon microphone in all phone users Bell used until 1980. Until the 1920s, the carbon microphone in the radio and public works.

In 1890an, the smallest mobile phone was introduced in style. The phone has three packages. Packages is the mobile transmitter device (phone now Gang Gang) because its shape is like a candle candles etc.. If this is not Gang Gang, users should be provided on the support band Gang Gang Gang made available. Gang Gang clip is called "switch-hook known.

Disadvantages of using a wireless system, advance the conversation (crosstalk) and cause a buzz in the power of wireless systems. power cable system with two son are actually used for long distances with the circuit four son.

The development of cells Century 20

In 1904, with more than 3 million U.S. mobile phone in the country is still the methods of phone. In half a century, the development of mobile phone networks more effectively developed and that the use of an integer, the number in the press (line Touch-Tone). Change of use of the method of remote access began in the 1960s.

History of Love is installed often seen in the use of two common radio in vehicles such as taxis, police cruisers, trains, etc.. New product after a bag cell phone (phone "bag") are easy to carry.

In December 1947, two engineers who worked at Bell Laboratories by Douglas H. Ring and W. Rae Young presented a proposal to remove the battery from six to make the phone. But the year 1960 the mobile technology was developed by Richard H. Frenkiel and Joel S. Eagle has also worked at Bell Laboratories developing electronic systems. On April 3, 1973 have shown Motorola, Martin Cooper, the mobile phone or cell phone (while in the presence of all journalists) at the head of research at Bell Laboratories, Dr. Joel S. Eagle. Thus began the era of mobile phones.

In the late 1980s, cable operators have started with the cable network made use of it is on the way to the United Kingdom. It also provides telephone service to the association of companies that use telephone services in general. The first cable operator in the UK cable phone cable connecting London, the first customers in 1990.

21st Century Development

Telephone IP (Internet Protocol) or better, an Internet telephony service is known, the voice of a communication protocol based on IP (VoIP). Overall, 10% of telephone lines in Japan and South Korea have menggunakakan VoIP service from January 2005.

Telephone IP (Internet Protocol) via a broadband Internet connection to use a data set berpaket to move. competition through the conversion of the old method of using the method of paper phone (Plain Old Telephone Service) or a POTS system, Internet Protocol, also with the mobile network or mobile device or hand tools . IP has been offering low prices or free to customers through a network of WiFi hotspots. VoIP is increasingly used in a private network without cable, because there are few telephone lines and no telephone lines.

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Brief introduction to medium telephone

Telephone communication was the earliest medium produced by Alexander Graham Bell. First, the phone is designed to be very aware of their own values and artistic. Therefore, if someone is a phone first era, it will be retained by the owner because of the historical value in addition to a high enough price. Just look in the print media, show you the phone of the past, that saving the treasure called in the present but certain sentimennya value is high enough can be. Safe long tradition as a guide to the modern generation is shown that over the phone.

Now, in the era of globalization moves forward without a border tool to make creating a wide variety of mobile style and appearance makes. As the saying goes now 'fingertips the information provided. Can the phone for dumping are used today. But if we all know that is the creation of mobile phones beginning of the creation of the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell? Anywhere regardless of children, adolescents and adults with their own mobile phone. Brand mobile phone has various types such as Nokia, Sagem, Samsung, Alcatel and others.

Pre-History On Phone

During the pre-history, there are two forms of the phone introduced in the West. Two forms of mobile phone use mechanical and electronic use. Together, we see a description of the two forms of knowledge and the phone as a reference you all.

1) The phone uses mechanical methods

Before the establishment of mobile phone with electronics or electro-magnet, there are several devices are used to transfer the verses are not informed about the destination and get information on the near or far. The oldest units in the pipeline or the physical facilities (eg no use perlatan with channel length and has a hole). Long tubes used to this day, especially in shipping, and it has a long history.

In the 19 Century, is the way the phone to convey information about empty cans, such as milk cans, candy tin containers, tin containers and beans. Tin-Tin was the time when the can empty via telephone. Two empty tin cans, tin and is required by wires or cables connected to each other and the sound (audio) by the method of vibration of a person with another person, the tin cans can be transferred to.

2) telephones with power

In 1832, the electromagnetic telegraph was invented by Baron Schilling. This picture shows the electric telegraph was invented by Samuel FB Morse. Electric telegraph in the commercial, produced by Sir William Cooke and Fothergil Telegraph was in the Great Western Railway in England and used by the 13 miles from Paddington Station in North Drayton and is fully functional on 9 April 1939.

It also has electric telegraph created and developed by Samuel Morse and has patented in the United State in 1837. Alfred Vail, who was assistant to Samuel Morse, is a person who is responsible for the development of Morse code. The code is the alphabet with Samuel Morse. On 6 January 1838, Samuel Morse sent the first telegram from the American people about two miles of wire that far.

Cell Creation

Several persons were named as the creator of the phone is like Charles Bourseul, Antonio Meucci, Johann Philipp Reis, Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray. Function and purpose of a phone is designed in accordance with the views of the author himself. Your views are as follows: -

a) Antonio Meucci - he invented the telephone, as one of the devices made in 1854.

b) Johann Philipp Reis - on tahunn 1860, he created a prototype phone "and take a break 'known as a telephone rice.

c) Alexander Graham Bell - Creative telephone was patented in 1876 by the first U.S. state.

d) The Elisha Gray - he designed the phone through the microphone of water (microphone) in Highland Park, Illinois.

e) Tivadar Puskás - in 1876, he created the "telephone exchange"
(Method using a cell phone without using a system board)

f) Thomas Edition - has the carbon microphone, which created a strong signal produced over the phone.

But among them Alexander Graham Bell is the familiar person as the creator of the phone. Antonio Meucci was introduced by the U.S. Congress for his services in the creation of mobile work. In Germany, the founding leader of a phone that Johann Philipp Reis was stopped after a successful result in the phone as a tool.

Unfortunately, there are have story behind the creation of this phone is a controversy that has engulfed Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell. The question is whether Bell and Gray's own phone or a stolen work of Gray Bell created? However, Canadian Parliamentary motion has articles about the controversy in June 2002 and after ten days to read, the Parliament had confirmed that the creator of the original Bell telephone.