Sunday, June 13, 2010

Introduction of Samsung handphone

a) History of Samsung

It started first March 1938, as president of the Samsung Lee Byung-Chull have shops found in Korea, with capital ₩ 30,000. Previously, he was Korean fish, fruits and vegetables from China and Manchuria sell dried.

Origin of the word Samsung, the star of three words ("three stars" is). The growing company, Mr. Lee is a series of machines, improve sales efficiency operations. Until now, Samsung has menjasi global company that offers a variety of brands and products worldwide.

Samsung Electronics is a manufacturer of Samsung mobile phones and other mobile phones. The company is the same with the Samsung company has existed in the 1970s. In the 1970s, a strategy has been found, and Samsung has strengthened its position by investing in the petrochemical industry. In 1974, Samsung has developed the business with the construction of Samsung Shipbuilding Company. Until now, Samsung has participated in the production of electronic and household goods in the industry, the manufacture of electrical connections.

b) Early Mobile Phones Samsung

Samsung has developed various products and services. Samsung recognized as an innovative product, and it was found that the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world. Samsung's telecommunication network business has achieved a remarkable record, even if Samsung Electronic a relationship with other companies in other companies, such as digital media, electrical circuits (Semiconductor) has, LCD and digital perlatan. Samsung has also released perlatan cell layer mobile phone, PDA phone, and innovative devices, mobile terminals, the smart has a broad spectrum. In fact, information about the satellite receiver is an integral part of Samsung's telecommunications network.

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